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Decades of experience managing fixed income portfolios has taught us that employing time tested routines and establishing clear standards of care in portfolio oversight meets with positive outcomes. Our investment approach relies on an articulated and disciplined process to managing client portfolios.

When You Speak, We Listen

Providing superior performance goes hand in hand with providing quality service to our clients. Whether it be our monthly market updates and performance reviews, a conference call to address specific topics, a face-to-face detailed portfolio review, or merely providing information requested about the markets - we are here to help. We listen carefully to our clients and believe that collaboration and communication are the key to building strong, lasting relationships.


We understand that compliance with every client’s investment policy is very important. Valuing our clients' concerns in this area creates the framework that shapes our company's efforts. Moreover we often work with our clients when drafting their IPS to help them define and prioritize their investment goals.

We conduct ongoing routines to monitor portfolio compliance with both client IPS and our own internal guidelines relating to diversity of portfolio holdings, liquidity and quality.  A detailed "snapshot" report is created and analyzed each month for every portfolio, and a formal Guideline Policy Audit is conducted each quarter by our compliance team.

The Patterson Advantage™

Our firm offers distinct and sustainable benefits to clients:

  • The longevity, cohesiveness, and fixed income experience of our management team translates into continuity of performance and service.
  • We have formulated a disciplined, multi-factor approach to investing that includes ongoing risk oversight of portfolio structure and portfolio holdings.
  • We have "sell" protocols, both objective and subjective, that have been successfully implemented in even the most challenging markets - 2008, 2002, 1994.
  • Clients appreciate the transparency of our investment process and portfolio holdings and easy access to our management team.
  • We are completely independent and avoid many conflicts of interest that are common in the asset management business. Our clients and growth of their assets come first. We avoid dealer-favoritism when executing trades by maintaining our independence from all broker-dealers. We avoid competition with client accounts by not trading for proprietary accounts, by not managing accounts with performance-based fees, and by not cross-trading between client accounts; and, we avoid dependence upon “safe harbors” by not having any soft-dollar arrangements.